Saturday, September 15, 2007

Presidents Report,

Today is a day that marks new beginnings. It is a new beginning in the sense that this is the first meeting that I chair as President of the Santa Barbara Chapter of the SAR, and it is new for you to have entrusted me with this role. This day also marks another new beginning. 40 years ago this week, September 9, 1967, the Santa Barbara chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution was born. The long history, good work, and faithful service of the members of this chapter is noteworthy and commendable. The generous giving of time, talent, and treasure to the community by the members of this chapter is the core, and obvious fabric of what this chapter has always been, and will continue to be.
This summer I had the opportunity to meet, and work with some of the long-time members, and to go over some of the many, many pages of community service projects, memorials, and gifts that constitute the history of this chapter. My hope and goal for my time as president is to continue the tradition that has been so solidly built. It is my desire however, that while we build on the past, we find new ways in the present to serve the communities in which we live. New ways to carry on the proud work of the SAR. New ways of honoring, and perpetuating the people and events of the American Revolution. New ways of supporting and maintaining the ideals and institutions of American Freedom. And new ways of promoting fellowship among each other, the descendants of Revolutionary War Patriots. We are a living link to that past. As such, we have the unique opportunity to be a powerful voice in our culture today. A voice that will make a difference in the future. A voice that will preserve the ideals, and principles of the founding fathers, so that they are never forgotten, or set aside, or trivialized.
Finding ways to communicate our message and to make it come alive in the culture in which we live is no small challenge, but it is my challenge to you. I will be asking for suggestions from this membership for ways to make our voice heard. For service projects to perform, events to sponsor, and educational opportunities to pursue that promote Patriotism, help overcome the historical amnesia of our times, and provide educational opportunities for our youth. By constantly seeking new opportunities to serve in these capacities, the Santa Barbara SAR will honor and continue the proud tradition that was begun by this chapter 40 years ago, and we will continue to honor our heritage as descendants of Patriots.