Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At the March Meeting of the SBARSAR, I presented an overview of some of the items that the officers and I had discussed recently, as to the future of the Chapter.  One item that pertains to all members is that next month, we elect / install new officers.  Don Loper is the candidate for President, and Robert Neuhaus for Vice President. Jim North - Treasurer, Robert Bowser - Secretary, Ted Sands, Sergeant at Arms.  The offices of Registrar and Chaplain are vacant at this time.  I will be devoting my time in the next few month to an 'American Heritage' component for our chapter.  I will be pursuing networking with other like-minded organizations and agencies to try to increase our effectiveness at bringing the memory, and the ideals of the founding fathers into greater public awareness.

In keeping with that, the Chapter voted to participate with the Spirit of 76 Foundation of Santa Barbara in their Flag Day celebration at the S.B. Courthouse on June 14.  We are looking to have several organizations join with us in this endeavor to highlight this important day.

Don't forget to look at your emails, AND at the Chapter Website for information on the California State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution which is meeting in Ventura next month - April 11 - 13.  Information can be found HERE, and registration forms and schedule of events can be downloaded from HERE.  This is a great opportunity to see and get to know SAR members and chapters from all over the state.